The New Normal

What is the new normal?

Meeting the challenges of ongoing policy reform, changing economic conditions, fluctuating public opinion, and shifting partisan pressures has become the new normal in providing adequate and equitable public service. Because what worked in the past will not necessarily work in today’s environment of constant change, public administrators need an even stronger ability to think critically and creatively to solve issues while effectively managing resources.

The University of San Francisco’s Online Master of Public Administration program prepares the 21st century professional to create innovative strategies that meet the community’s public service needs. The program delivers a focused examination of the essential areas of public administration, providing you with advanced knowledge and skills to help you lead your team with confidence and competence. You will be prepared to meet the new normal head on, through hands-on, experiential learning coupled with analysis of time-proven theory. Learn to serve, advocate, and lead in the public administration field with the University of San Francisco Online MPA.


For those who wish to serve the public, the University of San Francisco provides the ideal learning environment.

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Society needs strong advocates with the knowledge and skills to navigate in a constantly shifting world.

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A world of constant change calls for a new kind of public administration leader.

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