What financial aid options are available to me?

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Narrator: When planning your future, it’s important to know what your financial options are. At the University of San Francisco, you are able to use FAFSA for student loans. Be sure to check for eligibility at fafsa.ed.gov. And fill out your application form along with your school application to be sure to get all of your paperwork processed in time.

Narrator: There are also payment plans available. Check with the Bursar’s Office to see what options work best for you. Also tuition reimbursement may be available through your employer. Be sure to check with your human resources department.

Narrator: Also, outside scholarships might be something you can maximize on. We might have some resources that you would find helpful at One Stop.

Narrator: Also, feel free to contact your enrollment advisor at the number on your screen,
(866) 665-4178.

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