Health Services Administration Concentration

Enrollment Advisor, Karen Charlot, goes over the requirements for the Health Services Administration (HSA) concentration that we offer at the University of San Francisco, along with our MPA degree.


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Karen Charlot: Hi and welcome to University of San Francisco’s Health Services Administration Concentration webinar. My name is Karen Charlot and I am the Enrollment Advisor here to assist you with any questions regarding the online MPA program. Today we will review some facts about the Health Services Administration concentration that we offer within the online MPA degree. This concentration prepares you for careers in health public and health services organizations; allows you to learn the skills to plan, organize, administer, manage, evaluate, and analyze public and personal health programs and policy. Some of the potential career paths are governmental and non-governmental organizations, public and private hospitals, ambulatory care organizations, long-term care institutions, health maintenance organizations, and insurance companies. There are two on-ground campus courses that are offered on Saturdays at our San Francisco downtown campus. These two classes are ten in-person meetings from 9am to 5pm. These classes are offered only in the spring semester. These two classes are also 4-unit courses that are required. The two classes are PA717, which is Healthcare Management and PA760, which is Health Law and Ethics. These HSA courses will replace the following two classes: 732 – Public Policy Analysis and Implementation and 713, which is Management Practice, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resources. If you have any questions about this concentration within our online MPA program, please give me a call to further discuss the details. This does conclude our webinar and I’ll be speaking with you soon.


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