Four Reasons to Work for the Government

As a public administration graduate, you leave college with a vast amount of knowledge. The information that you have learned makes you extremely versatile in the workplace and allows you to pursue many different career paths in both public and private sectors. There is an expected increase in government work for those with public administration degrees. If expected growth is not enough to convince you to work for the government, then maybe the following four reasons will peak your interest.


The world is full of opportunities for public administrative graduates, especially when it comes to government jobs. Unlike much of the private sector, government jobs are located all around the world. If you are looking to stay close to home, there are manager, administrator, and other high-level positions to pursue in your local city, county, state, and federal government agencies. If it’s your dream to travel afar, develop free markets, create better security procedures, or build political relations, then check out the opportunities within the United Nations. No matter where you are or where you want to go, there are government opportunities.


As you search for a job with your MPA, you will find that some companies have great benefits packages and some don’t, but none of them will be like the government’s package. Per the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, when you work for the government you can choose between at least 12 different health plan options. Additionally, government employees start out with more paid time off than private employees do. Although health and time off will not be your only benefits, they are the easiest for you to compare and see the bonuses for working for the government.


Have you ever taken a job you thought you would love forever and then after time goes by, you realize you want more or a larger challenge? Unlike a private company where there is often a cap on how far you can move up or around, the government always has opportunities to advance and improve. In fact, the government takes pride in its employees and it works to connect employees with new opportunities and the training they may need to achieve their goals. Where else can you work with an MPA and have such amazing opportunities?


Will money make you happy? Truthfully, the answer is no, but money does make a job more appealing and can ease many of the things in life that cause stress and make you unhappy. When you take your MPA and work for the government, you can expect a higher than average starting pay. Additionally, you can expect steady pay raises and promotional opportunity. While money won’t make you happy, it will at least give you a stable income to pursue the things in life that do.

There are many job opportunities for you with your master’s in public administration, which makes it difficult to decide where to work. However, between location, benefits, opportunity, and money, the choice should be easy: work for the government.

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