6 Reasons to Take a Non-Profit Job

Working for a non-profit organization is an attractive career option for those who are passionate about making a meaningful impact on the world. Many people gravitate toward this type of work because it provides a more fulfilling and satisfying option than working for corporate America. However, there are other factors that make non-profit jobs an appealing choice. The following are six less well-known reasons to take a non-profit job.

Work With Caring and Interesting People

The people who work in nonprofit organizations tend to be compassionate, kind people who want to do good in their community and in the world. This is a great environment where the work is generally more nurturing and family-like than a corporation that only emphasizes the bottom line.

There is also great variety in non-profit work, from the multitude of different causes in need of support to the animals and people who those causes are meant to help. You will have a chance to brush shoulders with people from all walks of life with many different experiences and perspectives.

Growth Opportunities

In a non-profit, there is often a shortage of funds for hiring, so many of the employees have to learn to do several jobs at once. This will increase your skillset and allow you to rise through the ranks quickly if that is your goal.

Less Hierarchical Structures

In a large corporation, it is very rare for those just starting out in the company to interact with those on the upper rungs. However, in a non-profit you get to interact with higher-ups more often and learn from the best. Rather than being stuck in a cubicle all day with others who have your same skillset, you will have opportunities to work closely with department directors, vice presidents, and other upper brass who can teach you a lot about running an organization.

Increased Sophistication

Non-profits, by necessity, are becoming more sophisticated in their operations and therefore more adept, agile, and prepared. They have to be in order to respond quickly and effectively to the many challenges that they face. This presents more varied and effective opportunities to change the world, often with more resources than nonprofits have had in the past.

Great Place for MPAs

Non-profits value development and operational skills as they increasingly adopt a more corporate-type structure. They must maximize their profits and minimize losses in order to remain sustainable. Employees with business acumen are a valuable resource for meeting this goal.

Extra Perks

While a job in a nonprofit organization will most likely have a lower pay rate than one in the private sector, many non-profits offer special perks like education stipends, generous paid time off, or flexible schedules to make up for lower salaries. Some universities even forgive part or all of a student’s loans if he or she commits to work in the public or non-profit sector after graduation.

If you think a non-profit job would be a good fit for you, consider a degree in public administration. You will find that the nonprofit world holds many intangible benefits that can provide an enriching and rewarding career.

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