4 Public Administration Careers That Earn the Big Bucks

Once you graduate with a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA), you can look forward to many high-paying job opportunities, ranging from city government to non-profit agencies. According to Payscale.com, the following four Public Administrative Jobs earn the biggest bucks.

1. City Manager

As a City Manager, your job will be very similar to that of an office manager only on a larger scale. You will be responsible for a variety of administrative duties that help a city function. Your tasks can vary per city and normally include finance and budgeting, event planning, and overall management of the city and its employees.

Salaries will vary depending on the size of the city and can range from $50,000 to $179,125 per year. For a Public Administration graduate, working as a city manager is not only a high paying choice, but applies all the skills they have spent years learning.

2. Human Resources Director

Often when you think about who is in charge at a given company, you think of the CEO or president. While that is completely accurate, it is often overlooked what a large role the Human Resources Director plays. As an HR Director you are charged with handling the hiring and firing, evaluating, training, managing office conflict, and much more.

Depending on the size of the company you work for, salaries range from $45,889 to $169,648. As you wrap up your time earning your MPA, consider the lucrative opportunities you can have as a Human Resources Director.

3. Executive Director for a Non-Profit Organization

Working for a non-profit company doesn’t mean that you will be working pro-bono. On the contrary, working as an Executive Director for a non-profit organization, your salary will range from $40,223 up to $124,832.

Similar to a CEO of a for-profit company, you will run the business and ultimately be in charge. However, because it is a non-profit company, there are some additional tasks: public relations, board management, company liaison, and more. Don’t be thrown by the words “non-profit” in the job title, as these positions are as lucrative, if not more so, than others.

4. Program Manager

A Program Manager does just that: manages all aspects of a specific program within the business. Specifically, a Program Manager coordinates all aspects of a given program including organizing, staffing, planning, leading, directing, and controlling the program activities.

Per Global MPA, most of these positions are filled in non-profit companies and the pay averages $52,500 per year. Payscale.com indicates that in larger non-profit organizations the pay can go as high as $68,000 per year. This is a great paying position for you as an MPA if you prefer focusing on a single program to manage.

Sometimes, as we pursue a specific degree, we get trapped into thinking our degree is good for one and only one specific job; that is not true. There are many job opportunities for you as a Public Administrative graduate, and many of them pay a high price for your Master’s of Public Administration.

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