Six Reasons to Consider Public Administration and an MPA Degree

If employability, job security, opportunity to advance, and salary are key for you, Public Administration may be a viable carreer path for you. An MPA degree can help you prepare for positions in this field.

Government Employment

Demand for trained human resources professionals and labor relations administrators is especially high among government agencies. Public outreach to labor and community representatives has been and remains a key concern to government at all levels. Personnel administration, contract administration, workplace leadership, grievance consultation, and other concerns ensure that MPA graduates remain in considerable demand in the government sector on federal, state, and local levels.

Job Security

MPA graduates, especially those working in the government sector, enjoy a high degree of employment security.. The inherent stability of government agencies, combined with the versatility of an MPA, creates a secure work environment for public administrators. In addition, many government positions afford benefits like pension, healthcare and retirement plans which make continuing to work for the government even more attractive. Employment stability is just one of the reasons that an MPA program can be a valuable asset to any public administration professional.

Occupational Expansion

MPA graduates commonly are chosen for upper and middle management positions. They may staff federal, local, or state organizations and agencies or participate in legislatures. Positions of varying rank in non-profit organizations are also common paths for MPA graduates.. With specialization and academic advancement, MPA graduates are prepared for a wide range of career opportunities. Engage With the Community, and the World

How many other careers let you try to change the world every day? Profit isn’t the bottom line for MPA graduates, and employment in the non-profit and public sectors provides opportunities for them to supply needed services to communities. Specializations in health services and environmental administration allow for a degree of public outreach difficult to achieve in other professions. For MPA graduates, community contact is the order of the day, and often a rich, rewarding relationship develops with the inhabitants in their locale.

Career Flexibility

An MPA provides many employment opportunities across various market sectors. The private sector’s demand for public administration professionals is considerable, and expanding. Depending on your focus or specialization , you could be eligible to work in a wide variety of settings, from public health agencies to private sector consulting firms. An MPA graduate possesses many core skills essential to the running of various business and governmental structures, making them an invaluable part of any organization.

Dependable Salary

With a master’s degree in Public Administration, salary prospects in all sectors are high. An MPA graduate working in the public sector can expect to earn between $34,000 and $88,000 yearly. Individuals with an MPA who secure employment can rely upon strong salary performance and high valuation to their employers.

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