Career Outlook for MPA Graduates: An Overview

A Stable, Growing Market

With strong, sustained growth trends throughout the United States’ governmental framework, new opportunities are cropping up every day.

An MPA graduate has better-than-average professional mobility thanks to the easy transferability of skills such as analysis and management. In addition, the MPA degree has become increasingly interdisciplinary, drawing on fields like sociology, economics, law, anthropology, urban and regional planning, and political science. Consequently, today’s MPA graduates find themselves better equipped than ever before with skills and knowledge suited for working in the public and private sectors.

Plentiful Employment Options

Health services administration, healthcare, and education are fields particularly suited to MPA graduates because of their focus on investigation and overhaul of executive management and organization, in addition to administrative streamlining. The chance to serve the community by working as a health services administration professional is an attractive and eminently available one.

Other careers open to MPA graduates include public sector positions such as community economic development director, deputy city manager, senior budget analyst, and housing management officer. The stability associated with federal, local and state government positions, along with healthcare, pension and other benefits, mean government workers are remaining in their positions longer than in other sectors. Retirement, therefore, is a more common reason for job openings than in private or non-profit employment spheres. Non-profit organizations are often eager to welcome MPA graduates aboard, as an MPA’s skills are of significant value to such groups. A high need for organizational and management talent makes the non-profit sector an attractive destination for newly minted MPAs. As one career analysis website states: “[An] MPA in non-profit management programs [is] perfect [for] students who want to work in the public sector.” In short, the employability of an MPA graduate is quite secure, with opportunities in many sectors from public government to non-profit to private enterprise.


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