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Six Reasons to Consider Public Administration and an MPA Degree

The field of Public Administration is a particularly worthy one to consider for multiple reasons.

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An Overview of MPA Graduate Salary Ranges

Find out what job market salary range for MPA grads are today!

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MPA Careers at a Glance

A Master of Public Administration degree (MPA) opens all kinds of doors, both in the private sector and with governments at federal, state, and local levels.

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Top 10 MPA Career Resources

Acquiring an MPA is one step on the road to success within Public Administration.

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Why Pursue a Health Services Administration Career?

Learn why an MPA graduate chose a career in health services administration.

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Why An MPA Degree?

Read here why an MPA degree may be the best decision for your career.

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Which financial aid options are available to you for graduate school?

The University of San Francisco Online Master of Public Administration is designed for professionals who want to invoke change through advocacy and policy administration. If you are seeking funding options to make a graduate degree attainable, USF offers plenty of assistance options for eligible students. Below is a look at the funding options available for [...]

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