Why Choose an MPA Degree?

Why Choose an MPA Degree?

With the increasing demands of today’s socio-economic environment, public managers need more than just a passion to provide public services and advance social justice. Our Online Master of Public Administration degree offers a curriculum that directly addresses the needs of the public while providing you with advanced knowledge to develop viable solutions. The MPA program at the University of San Francisco focuses on competencies such as:

•    Strategic Planning – An integrated approach to long-term organizational planning focused on assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for proactive instead of reactive decision making and change management.
•    Partnership Building – An understanding of how to build and sustain organizational teams, partnerships, and alliances to better serve the public.
•    Resource Management – An exploration of how to maintain quality while dealing with financial constraints and managing and allocating resources strategically.
•    Budget Analysis – An examination of budgeting structures and processes, trade-offs of allocating funds to build efficiencies, and targeting spending for effective operations that meet public needs.
•    Decision Making – A review of strategies and techniques that can be used to arrive at the most viable solutions while incorporating efficiencies, transparency, equity, and diversity.

With the knowledge you gain from the Online MPA program at the University of San Francisco, you are better equipped to make the world a better and more socially just place for all.

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