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A Program Designed for Working Professionals

Whether your goal is to evoke positive change through effective public management, motivate others to take action, uphold ethical responsibility in your community, or take a stand in support of the underprivileged, the Online Master of Public Administration (MPA) will give you the advanced knowledge and skills to advocate for social justice through public service.

The University of San Francisco’s Online MPA employs a cohort learning approach that connects you with other government, nonprofit, and health care professionals across the broad field of public administration. This select network proves valuable not only during the program, but also after you complete your degree.

The MPA’s flexible environment allows you to continue working while you are learning. You can immediately apply your newly acquired advanced knowledge and skills.

What Sets Our Program Apart?

Understanding the foundation upon which any academic program is built helps you differentiate it from others. The University of San Francisco Online MPA program is built upon these principles:

Education based on Jesuit values
The University of San Francisco bases its rigorous academic programs on long-standing Jesuit values. A commitment to academic excellence and empowering students to create a more humane and just world are basic tenets of Jesuit education. In the Online MPA program, learn to excel in critical inquiry, promoting diversity, instilling ethical principles, and advancing justice to make the world a better place for all.

Interdisciplinary Nature
Public administrators must have knowledge of a number of disciplines, such as management, organizational behavior, finance, human resources, and technology. You will graduate with a strong skill set designed to prepare you for the changing landscape of public administration and equip you with the confidence to make sound and ethical decisions.

Theoretical Foundation
Gaining a better understanding of the needs of organizations, communities, and public policies, the methods for addressing those needs, and the thinking behind the processes and best practices are among many important outcomes of the MPA program. You will benefit from a curriculum that explores many theories of planning, management, strategic communication, teamwork, and many aspects of public policy-making and implementation.

Supportive Faculty
The University of San Francisco’s commitment to service begins with service to its students.
Learn from experienced and engaging faculty who creatively teach a challenging, practical, and goal-oriented curriculum in a safe and compassionate environment.

Emphasis on Experiential Learning
The Online MPA program employs a unique cohort learning approach that encourages you to interact with your peers. Learn to analyze contemporary public administration issues and develop practical skills from your peer interaction, exploration of case studies, and real-life scenarios.

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