Dr. Stephen Morris

Assistant Professor

Dr. Stephen Morris, Associate Professor of the MS in Information Systems program, is a graduate of USF’s School of Education Doctoral Program whose forward-thinking research focuses on the use of technology in education. Dr. Morris explores how various technologies can help students better understand ideas, improve their critical thinking and analytic skills, and approach business problems/decision-making from a more informed perspective.

Since 1993, Professor Morris has been teaching USF students quantitative business analysis, decision modeling, information and communication systems and management, systems in organizations, applied mathematics and statistics for business. Prior to teaching, he held management positions in the newspaper industry on both coasts.

Dr. Morris is an advocate of immersing oneself in San Francisco, a city that is truly at the forefront of innovative, applied technologies. Through immersion, he believes, his students are more likely to act on their newfound knowledge of systems, telecommunications, management and analytics, in more meaningful and humanistic ways, integrating effective learning technologies into the communities that need them most.



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