Online Master of Public Administration Program

Promoting Ethical Leadership and Social Justice through Effective Governance and Management

By learning more about the University of San Francisco Online Master of Public Administration (MPA), you will be taking an important first step toward pursuing your professional goals and commitment to social justice. Our program is designed for professionals who want to become effective managers and civic leaders who affect change through policy management and advocacy.

In this section, you will gain a better understanding of the core Jesuit values that guide this premier Master of Public Administration program. Learn more about how the MPA program at the University of San Francisco prepares students to become more effective public leaders. Discover the broad array of competencies, skills, and tools to identify and adapt to the complexities of modern government and nonprofit sectors.

MPA Degree Overview

Excellence in public service begins with you and the University of San Francisco online Master of Public Administration degree.

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Why Choose an MPA Degree?

Not sure if an Online Master of Public Administration is right for you? Discover what it means to make a difference now.

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Integrating theory with real-world experience, the curriculum of the University of San Francisco’s online MPA program is as challenging as it is rewarding.

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Pursuing higher education can seem daunting. Read through our most frequently asked questions to get a quick overview of essential information about the online MPA program.

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Program Objectives

A master’s degree in public administration is designed to help you build the confidence and skills to become a transformative leader in the public sector.

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The exceptional University of San Francisco faculty creates dynamic and engaging learning for all students. Meet them now.

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