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The University of San Francisco’s mission to fashion a more humane and just world comes alive in a diverse learning community that is focused on our world’s many unique cultures. At USF, you will learn to transform thought into action and be challenged to use your education to promote justice and serve the common good. Rather than discussing theory alone, your professors and peers will teach you to apply what you learn in the classroom to create actionable plans to make the world a better place. At USF, you will have close access to exceptional, accessible faculty, small classes that intensify the learning experience, and centers and institutes that will extend your reach into the world.

There is no better place to study than San Francisco and no university connects you with the heart of San Francisco like USF. We are this dynamic city’s first university. Our founder, Reverend Anthony Maraschi, S.J., arrived in San Francisco as an Italian immigrant in 1854. The next year, he borrowed $11,500 to build a Jesuit church and school known first as St. Ignatius Academy. In 1859, the state of California granted the school a charter. Ever since, the University of San Francisco has distinguished itself as a premier Jesuit university with a global perspective that educates leaders who will fashion a more humane and just world.

The University of San Francisco embraces its Jesuit values. For centuries, Jesuits have advanced academic excellence in the service of humankind—educating students of all cultures, beliefs, and capabilities; inspiring them to strive for justice. In USF classrooms, we compel you to question, reason, and explore new ideas. You’ll find yourself part of an inclusive community enriched by many perspectives. You’ll apply skills and knowledge to the pressing challenges of our time. You’ll learn and work, side by side, with people who represent many cultures and faiths. With programs in more than 30 countries, the University of San Francisco opens your eyes to the impact you can have by applying your skills, talents, and education toward the common good.

Change the world from here. At the University of San Francisco, we’re committed to a higher standard of learning that transcends mere academic excellence. The minds and hearts of our students, faculty, and alumni, are inspired by a shared commitment to justice. If you share our belief that the world needs change, and that anyone can make it happen, we encourage you to start here, with the University of San Francisco.

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